About us

We are a group of people bearing the following vision and mission:

Our Vision:

To develop the sense of social responsibility or concern for society’s well-being among the youth

Our Mission:

  1. With focus on 4C development (Care, Confidence, Commitment and Courage), we foster holistic development, nurture healthy personality and good civic awareness of the youth through volunteer training and volunteer service.
  2. Encourage the youth to serve voluntarily in the improvement of the community
  3. Nurture our young people into quality citizens with a sense of national identity and social responsibility
  4. Foster the creativity of the young volunteers for the design and development of the high-quality programs for community volunteered activities
  5. Support the youth to set up volunteer teams so as to mobilize and organize them to learn and care more about their own community.
  6. provide the youth with basic training and voluntary service opportunities
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