If there is a gift that can make you rich in your life, do you want it?

We hope to share this gift of eternal life with you through life and the testimony of life.

I hope to give you hope when you feel lost.

“Coffee of Hope” is a gift, through this cup of coffee to pass on love and blessings to everyone around.

The Bible says: "God loves the world so much that he gave his only begotten son." God gave his beloved son as a ransom, this precious gift can bring eternal life to people!

It will be a good place for unbelievers to know God.

Believers can invite unbelievers to come here to enjoy the Coffee of Hope, and get to know our God through the arrangement and atmosphere here, and thus receive hope and blessings.

In addition, believers are also welcome to meet unbelieving customers, share the gospel and testimonies, sow and harvest the seed for the Lord, and bring the gospel from the church to the crowd!

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