Our vision

With the spirit of “Advocating Fraternity, Igniting Hope”, we hope to connect different communities through healthy food and coffee. Through sharing God’s love and glory, let us witness the love and truth of Jesus Christ, and let the seeds of the Gospel sprout continuously. We pursue to make balanced and harmonious life, to live wonderfully, and to bring true peace and hope to people.

Our mission

  1.  We advocate healthy food culture, set the benchmark for quality food, serve with humility and promote a healthy and happy life.
  2. We connect different communities of interest and provide an interactive communication platform so as to broaden people’s vision of life and achieve social diversification.
  3. We walk together with God and build together our healthy soul. We gain God’s true love, faith, hope, and peace. We live abundant and meaningful life.

Our core values


We advocate care, hope and harmony. We establish positive values and spread the power of truth, goodness and beauty.


We adhere to the highest ethical standards and principles.

Pursuit of Excellence

We appreciate excellence and strive to achieve sustainability.

Customer First

We regard service quality as performance and customer satisfaction as the driving force.

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